Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yllac John it is!

I can’t explain the feeling when wifey sent me the good news. Yllac John T. Eras will be coming too soon. I know that she will not joke on that kind of situation. We already set our minds that my wife will be having a baby boy. I was in my MBA class and I can’t understand what my professor is talking about because I’m so excited and I want to celebrate. I finished the class and rushed home. I gave my wife a big hug and big smile. I’m so happy for that news. We have our practice and a little celebration.

I offered a thanksgiving mass (and would offer some chairs church if I have to!) for that and I felt so inspired the whole day. I cooked lunch for the choir members and sopas for my family. It was a heart-founding experience to wait for his gender and I feel like shouting that God is really good to us. I just hope and pray that everything will be ok with my wife and my baby. Now am praying and wishing for safe delivery to my wife and more blessings to come.

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